Nephesh Chiropractic is a well established Sacramento chiropractic office that offers more services then typically offered at other facilities. At Nephesh Chiropractic, Dr. Kit Langstroth D.C. will take the time to care about you and listen to what your concerns are. By spending the necessary time in our consultations,  performing a thorough chiropractic, neurological and orthopedic examination and recommending the proper diagnostics to fully understand your condition, a better result can be achieved.

Chiropractic is a fabulous means of obtaining better spinal, nerve, muscle and joint health. Our treatment philosophy also incorporates flexibility, strengthening, improved posture and muscular balancing through therapeutic exercises and a full Pilates PhysioTherapy and Fitness Program if so desired.


We understand that for better long-term results we must address the entire system of your body and look at the big picture. We can assess a patient's blood work to see if there are other health issues contributing to one's pain. Poor diet and nutritional deficiencies can inhibit a persons ability to get well and specific individualized nutritional protocols can drastically speed up the healing process which is another reason to consult local chiropractor in Sacramento.

We treat our patient's utilizing over 10 different chiropractic techniques, myofascial massage therapy, pilates for both fitness and injury rehabilitation, blood work evaluation coupled with nutritional-vitamin recommendations, whole body vibration, patented therapeutic exercises and brain based therapy with oxygen.

Nephesh Chiropractic has extensive knowledge in the recovery of auto accident injuries in Sacramento. Dr. Kit Langstroth, your chiropractor, has a large network of medical doctors that he works with in most specialties that pertain to accident injuries and your recovery. It's one thing for a doctors office to say they treat auto accidents and injuries, but going to an office like ours will give you the benefit of 26 years experience, a large network of medical doctors and diagnostic facilities that can treat our patient's on a medical lien and give superior service. It took us years to develop relationships with doctors who will properly take care of auto accident victims and their needs.

In addition to treating auto accident injury patient's, we treat a myriad of conditions to include headaches, neck, shoulder,elbow and wrist pain, acute and chronic pain syndromes, radiating arm pain or leg pain, back pain, disc problems, extremity pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, numbness, radicular pain, muscle conditions, pinched nerves, vertigo/dizziness and balance disorders, restless leg syndrome and more. The reason we can treat so many conditions is because of our holistic approach and the different techniques we offer. You can schedule a free 15 min. consultation with Sacramento Chiropractor, Dr. Langstroth by calling 916-925-2007 Monday-Thursday.

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