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If you've recently been in a car accident and you are looking for answers, then please read on because we understand what you are going through. Car accidents can cause significant upset to your life and we want to help!


Welcome! Dr. Kit here. I'd like to answer some of the most common  questions people ask regarding their car accident. 



Go to a doctor immediately and who specializes in accident injury recovery


It is extremely important that you find an accident injury chiropractor who specializes in car accident injuries and understands the medical legal side of treatment. Poor documentation and treating outside insurance company standards will attract a much harder fight from the insurance company. Dr. Kit has been treating accident injuries for 27 years and has treated nearly 5,000 accident injuries as an accident injury chiropractor. If you feel pain and wait too long to visit the doctor, you are saying to the insurance company that you are not injured. They will fight your case more then realize!!! Take this advice seriously.


We will get you the proper referrals you deserve!


You deserve the best treatment possible along with a proper diagnosis. We will not hesitate in referring you out for an MRI to find your injuries and get you to the right doctor. If you are treating through your insurance and you have an HMO, then you will most likely have to jump through many hoops to get what you need. This will only prolong the healing you deserve and allow for damage to occur.


Why an Accident Injury Chiropractor vs. an M.D.


In most cases, we will refer you to an M.D. anyway to include second opinions, the need for medication or to treat more serious injuries. If you go strictly to an M.D., then often times you will only get the standard medication, physical therapy and injections  bypassing a very effective element of healing which only a chiropractor can perform. Since an accident injury chiropractor does not need a referral, you can come to us at any point of your treatment and we will utilize all that we have to offer in addition to anything medicine can offer. 



What makes our office different


Our facility is unique in that we not only offer chiropractic techniques, but also a complete pilates rehabilitation  program. We have a completely separate facility under which  our accident injury chiropractic department supervises for best results. Pilates was which is often associated with fitness was original developed by Joseph Pilates for the purposes of rehabilitating injury. 


Call us immediately to set up a free consultation. We will get you dialed in to the awesome methods we provide today! In most cases we have same day appointments available!