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At Nephesh Chiropractic, you will receive the best care possible through Dr. Kit Langstroth's 27 years experience serving the Sacramento and Arden Arcade area. Nephesh Chiropractic understands how inconvenient and detrimental a car accident injury and we will  help to  educate you along the way.

About Dr. Kit Langstroth D.C. - Dr. 'Kit' has special training in the management and treatment of whiplash and auto accident injury recovery. He is certified through the Spine Research Institute of San Diego (S.R.I.S.D.) founded by researcher and author Dr. Arthur Croft and through the Texas A & M extension program in low speed collisions for the medical practitioner. He has treated over 5,000 auto accident patients in his career.

Auto Accident Injury Specialist- There are many good accident doctors in Sacramento but finding a chiropractor or doctor who can manage your case by insurance company standards is often lacking. Insurance companies are fighting injury claims for many reasons, so finding a doctor who understands all the issues will create much less resistance. You specifically need a car accident injury chiropractor and that's what Nephesh Chiropractic will provide.   Not all chiropractors are the same.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, then choosing an accident injury doctor specifically specializing in car accidents is essential. Sometimes going through your own insurance like Kaiser or an HMO can be the worst thing you could do. Why? Because by nature, it is a cost containment system and many injury patients won’t receive the proper care they need. Many patients attempting to treat for more serious injuries through their HMO are denied access to the more costly medical procedure and diagnostic testing they need.

Often times it can be a fight just to get an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).  An MRI may be the only way of properly proving you’ve been injured by detecting a herniated disc or other pathologies that would otherwise be missed. You may be injured more then you think you are and wondering why that lingering pain just won’t go away. So, having access to the right injury doctor for proper pain management is absolutely necessary and Chiropractic can be an excellent natural alternative to medications.


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Proper neck and back pain treatment can only be orchestrated by a good accident doctor who understands injury and insurance company standards of care. At Nephesh Chiropractic in Sacramento, you’ll have immediate access to any diagnostic test needed. We will not only give you excellent conservative pain treatment, but refer you to other accident injury medical doctors that specialize in whiplash injury, concussions from a car accident head injury, headaches, or disc and facet joint injuries.

A car crash injury can include soft tissue tearing of the (ligaments, muscles and tendons), herniated discs, damage to the facet joints, head trauma and concussions that lead to a multitude of impaired cognitive function and neurological damage. That’s why it is so important to take your injuries seriously and get you access to all the pain treatment options available. Don’t continue suffering from a serious injury!


“As an injury doctor, or more specifically car accident injury chiropractor, I will offer you chiropractic pain treatment options to include over 10 different chiropractic techniques myofascial massage, traction and therapeutic exercises. We also have a complete pilates physical rehabilitation department that focuses on core strengthening, flexibility, and soft tissue rehabilitation for a complete recovery of your accident injuries.”

- Dr. Kit Langstroth D.C.



This letter was intended to be a testimonial of how you and your services has helped me overcome some sever bouts of pain. It has, however, become a letter of appreciation, gratitude and much love!! “Thank you” doesn’t begin to express how I feel about what you have done for me. After ye...

- JoAnn Lannin retired RN