Carpal Tunnel


Dr. Kit Langstroth D.C.- Dr. Kit was certified in the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in 1995 through the International conference on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome taught by Dr. Mitchell Mally. These techniques are also being used by other Chiropractors who treat professional sports teams. Dr. Kit spent over a year researching C.T.S. and developed his own seminars for the public and large corporations on C.T.S.. He was a speaker for the State of California teaching over 7 state agency divisions, Hewlet Packard, U.P.S., the U.S. Postal Service and many other businesses about the treatment and prevention of C.T.S.

"What I have found is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is frequently misdiagnosed. Research repeatedly shows that in most cases multiple pressure sites on the median nerve exists, not solely at the wrist. Since the nerve responsible for CTS travels up the arm and into the neck, finding and treating all pressure sites is the key to success for CTS. This can be accomplished through specific and accurate manipulation of the neck and upper extremities coupled with dietary and lifestyle changes. For some of you, this sounds like a bizarre way to fix the problem, but I assure you it is the best way. I am simplifying things, but this really works.

When I was doing seminars on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I would ask the audience if they had neck pain in addition to their arm or wrist pain. About 90% would raise their hands. This substantiated everything I new about the condition; most of these CTS people had nerve compression at the neck level. There are also poor and improper diets that can increase inflammation, which contribute to CTS symptoms. For example: stress, drinkers, smokers and those who eat improperly increase inflammation of the nerve. But, don’t worry as pharmaceutical grade natural medicines can help this. Dr. Kit


Two prominent researchers, Dr. AR Upton and Dr. Alan McComas, found that nearly 80% of those who had CTS also had compression at the neck level called double crush syndrome. This makes sense and explains the high failure rate of CTS surgery. If the median nerve, which is responsible for CTS symptoms travels from the wrist, up the arm and into the nerves of the neck then we owe it to all CTS sufferers to properly have a system of evaluation to correct all pressure sites, no matter how subtle they are.

The nerve is like a telephone line in which two people are talking. The brain talks to the hand through the median nerve (telephone line). The nerve has the function of giving strength and sensation to the hand. Pressure on the nerve as it travels through the muscle of the arm, whether at the wrist, elbow, shoulder, brachial plexus or at the neck will cause the same symptoms: loss of strength and numbness in the hand. Have you ever heard significant static on a telephone line? But which end of the line is the bad connection coming from? The big picture is essential, which requires treatment to nerves from the neck down to the hand. This is why we have been successfully treating CTS for over 16 years! If you want to avoid drugs, cortisone and prevent surgery, then call our office at 916-925-2007 and schedule a free consultation today to determine if Dr. Kit can help you too.


Carpal Tunnel

“ I strongly recommend your procedure to anyone who has problems with their wrists”
I feel strongly that the adjustment you give me for carpal tunnel syndrome is saving me from surgery. I strongly recommend your procedure to anyone who has problems with their wrists.

- Kathy Moon
  Sacramento, Ca

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome