At Nephesh Chiropractic, my Catholic Christian faith is very important to me. I believe in treating patients the way I want to be treated and I know a Christian doctor is often hard to find. I will go out of my way to give you the best possible service through education and properly explaining how I can help. If for any reason it appears that you will not benefit from our services, then I am happy to refer you to another doctor.

Our charity of choice is Food For The Poor which provides food for many under developed countries all over the globe. In 2011, 96.3% of all donations to Food For The Poor went directly to programs that help the poor, while 2.9% went to fundraising costs and .8% to administration (Source: Wikipedia). We hope fellow christian's will feel the loving environment that we hope to provide.

As a Catholic Christian chiropractor I will care about you the way I would like to be cared for. I enjoy the bond I share with all of my Christian patients as Christ is the centerpoint.

Kit Langstroth D.C.