Headaches and Migraines


 Are Headaches Ruining Your Life?


If headaches or migraines are adversely affecting your work productivity, causing you to call in sick, interfering in your relationships and social life then isn't it worth putting some research into what remedies for headaches are out there. So what causes headaches and migraines and is there a natural treatment for headaches to give you the relief for headaches you desire? What causes migraines is most likely not what you think. The cause of migraines and headaches is almost always coming from nerve irritation in the upper neck. In most cases it is a chiropractic headache and chiropractic therapy, if done properly can be very effective.


In 26 years of practice and in treating over a 1000 cases of headaches, I have observed a very specific subluxation pattern  (a common upper neck vertebral misalignment pattern causing tension and irritation of the nerves that refer pain into the head). If corrected, a very high percentage of my patients improve greatly over time.

This Video Below Is A Case Study Of Instant Relief From A Migraine Type Headache


This can easily be corrected with Specific, Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments that often bring instant relief for headaches. If your headaches seem to come when you have neck pain or with certain neck movements, looking down too long or upon waking in the morning, then it's most likely a chiropractic headache.  Going to the right sacramento chiropractor and headache relief doctor can be one of the best remedies for headaches. Chiropractic for migraine prevention and a migraine remedy is a natural treatment and natural cure for headaches.

Can X-rays Help Find The Problem?









 Normal cervical curve Reversal of the Cervical Curve 


Many headache sufferers have a reversal of the cervical curve that can only be diagnosed with an x-ray. Treatment must address this issue because the forward bending of the neck pulls on the muscles that can put pressure on the nerves as they travel through the sub-occipital muscles. A job requiring you to look down (desk job or computers) usually makes this worse.

The migraine headache is perhaps the best known type of headache. It is really called the migraine syndrome. By syndrome we mean that a lot of things accompany the headache – all of them bad. Symptoms include dizziness, visual problems, “spots” before the eyes, redness, swelling, tearing of the eyes, muscle contraction, irritability, nausea, vomiting, constipation, or diarrhea.

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Headaches and Migraines


“You fixed something that the other doctors couldn’t even find”

Dear Dr. Kit,

I’ll never forget the day I called you up feeling hopeless. I was miserable. I couldn’t hold any food down and every time I ate anything I would vomit. I had lost almost 30 lbs. and became so weak that I could no longer work and was on disability as a cement finisher. The symptoms I was having were stumping the doctors and every test they did to me was showing nothing. I had headaches, a stiff neck, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, decreased memory and concentration, hot and cold flashes, numbness and tingling in my finger’s and feet, alternating constipation and diarrhea, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath. You told me on the phone, it sounded like I had spinal cord pressure coming from my upper neck, so I came in. Within 3 months, you had me back to normal. You fixed something that the other doctors couldn’t even find.

I believe the spirit of GOD led me to you because you kept coming up in my thoughts.

- Joe Phillips
  Sacramento, Ca