Neck and Shoulder Pain



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Looking for a neck doctor who specializes in neck and shoulder pain and who can properly find the real cause of your neck and shoulder pain can be challenging. We understand that more then you can imagine. Most people search a solution through their M.D., but in most cases are prescribed non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs (N.S.A.I.D.S.) that can harm the stomach, intestinal lining, liver, kidneys and cardiovascular system (Source: The alliance for rational use of NSAIDs).

Causes for neck pain range from cervical spine injury from a car accident, sports, prolonged poor posture at a desk, turning your head too fast or sleeping wrong. This can result in soft tissue damage and spinal  subluxation  (vertebral

misalignment leading to a pinched nerve and mechanical dysfunction in the neck). Short term medication can relieve neck pain, but if it lasts more than 2 weeks, it’s usually something more serious. Chiropractic treatment and therapy can be a wonderful pain remedy and even cure neck pain quickly and naturally. Pain management or spine doctors will almost always prescribe drugs and never address the true cause of your cervical spine pain.    

When a vertebral bone is misaligned or jammed up (hypomobility) then it can cause neck stiffness and pain, arm pain and tingling from a pinched nerve in the neck, or even a headache behind the eye or back of the head. Over time, neck and back pain develop as spinal problems progress. Every cervical bone in your neck moves independently so when one of those bones gets off track or stuck, it can cause some pretty serious pain and we are highly trained to find and fix these types of dysfunctions. All Chiropractors are doing is helping the bone move in the direction it already wants to move.




“When I started seeing you, I was substantially disabled by back and neck pain”

I am writing to thank you for the excellent treatment you have given me that is helping me to regain my health. When I started seeing you, I was substantially disabled by back and neck pain. I had secondary symptoms of headaches, skin disorders, thyroid disease, insomnia and chronic fatigue. Although my improvement has not been instantaneous, over a period of months my energy level has probably doubled, my pain is significantly reduced, I began sleeping better very soon after treatment began, and other symptoms are gradually improving. Although I will never be 20 years old again and will always be adding to my 50+ years, I am now expecting to become more active and enjoy the busy life I had planned for myself and my career. I truly thank you for your kindness and generosity.

-Rachel Hansen
 Sacramento, Ca