How To Choose A Pilates Studio

Because there are so many pilates studios in sacramento, finding a pilates studio can be difficult, as well as finding the best pilates instructor to meet your particular goals. Pilates in sacramento has grown significantly and the level of expertise and training can vary considerably as well. Some instructors are only certified in weekend gym pilates mat courses with no time spent as a student of the method. Mat classes at a gym can be less expensive, but pilates exercises for beginners are often done improperly in large groups and you may even be embarrassed in this type of environment trying to get back in shape. So what is best for you?

Personal Training or Group Classes? First, determine your Goals

Pilates exercises can range from very easy to extremely challenging and pilates personal training can accomplish either of the two. If you are much younger and already fit or an athlete, then having a highly trained pilates personal trainer and instructor can take you to that next level.  If you are new to pilates, then we recommend learning the basic pilates exercises  through private instruction first, and then move into group. If you go into group too soon and perform the exercises  incorrectly, then you can create problems for yourself and reinforce faulty movement patterns. Many dancers, professional athletes and movie stars now utilize pilates exercise as their best personal training method because of the exceptional body sculpting results, core training and improved body tone. It is a fantastic way to maintain flexibility and stay in shape. Sacramento pilates has become very popular for that reason.

What if you are completely out of shape, somewhat overweight and deconditioned?

Our studio personal training courses with all the pilates exercises available can take you to another level not to mention weight loss and losing unwanted inches. We can always work within your physical means for all of your fitness goals.

Neck-Back-Shoulder-Hip-Knee-Ankle Pain?

Our instructors attend the ‘Pilates on Tour’ Symposium for physical rehabilitation yearly. Physical therapists, Ph.D.’s and the best pilates instructors in the business teach specific protocols at the symposium to treat injury and chronic pain. Half of Pilates for hip, knee and ankle painthe attendees are physical therapists because of pilates unique ability to help so many injuries and conditions with the diverse equipment it uses. Our instructors are then able to specifically address these painful conditions by determining imbalances. The instructors will often consult with the Chiropractic department for structural assessment, MRI and X-ray interpretation or a more efficient approach to help an individual with special needs such as disc herniation, spondylolisthesis or osteoporosis.

We Have Comprehensively Trained Instructors

Full comprehensive pilates instructor education is much more extensive, requiring the study of anatomy, special populations, teaching skills, and all of the pilates equipment and mat exercises.

Classically trained teachers, will have studied an important part of the pilates system of exercises and some of the teachers will continue training towards mastering the whole system over many years. They can generally trace their training back to Joseph Pilates through one of his students. The happy medium in modern day pilates, is to marry the science of today and Pilates Based Physical Therapy, for safe movement into the instruction of each comprehensively taught teacher.                       

Our Studio - About Nephesh Pilates

At Nephesh Pilates, Audrey Langstroth can trace her roots back to Joseph Pilates as a second generation Master Instructor (read full Bio). She leads a team of teachers that adhere to the strict pilates upbringing she had. The studio includes the apparatus/equipment that Joseph Pilates had in his own studio. The Reformer, Cadillac, or Trapeze, Wunda and Exo Chairs, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Pedi-Pool, High Chair, and other apparati: including the Magic Circle, Foam Rollers, Foot Corrector, Rotating Discs and more.

Free Tour of the Studio

If you would like to schedule a consultation with owner Audrey Langstroth to discuss what pilates might have to offer, then call us at 916-220-3514 for a tour of the studio and our equipment.

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