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Finding a pain doctor who can effectively treat your arm and elbow pain, elbow tendonitis or arm pain in general, can be quite frustrating. Medical doctors focus more on symptoms by prescribing medications or physical therapy, but what happens when that doesn’t work. Over time, gastro-intestinal damage from nsaid’s (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) or potential addiction (opiate’s like norco or vicodin) may occur. This is common  for the treatment of an elbow  injury leading to golfers elbow, tennis elbow, and all types of pain in the elbow and wrist. Since medications cover up symptoms over time, further soft tissue damage often occurs delaying the inevitable to treat the cause and not the symptom. Cortisone shots should be used with caution because they can cause infection and with over-use can destroy joint cartilage and surrounding soft tissue and can even cause tendon rupture and demineralization of bone!! Therefore, it would behoove an individual to seek out as natural an alternative as possible. If an elbow injury leads to a swollen elbow or elbow bursitis then ice and conservative treatments for pain management should be looked into before injections.

A Good Neck, Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist History and Examination

There can be no substitute for a thorough history/exam  to find the causes for pain in the wrist or elbow, elbow and forearm pain or arm pain in  general. You may think you have tendonitis in the elbow, but the real question is why do you have tendonitis to begin with or why does it keep coming back. Maybe you have epicondylitis of the elbow whether it be medial epicondylitis or lateral epicondylitis of the elbow. Since pinched nerves in the neck can lead into arm pain or set you up for tendonitis, the examination process must include both the neck and the arm. Likewise, sharp pain in the elbow joint or wrist joint can be a simple clue the joint itself in misaligned. This can easily be helped through gentle chiropractic manipulation techniques.

All of the things mentioned here should be included in an arm pain examination for proper diagnosis.

  1. Testing range of motion of the neck and arm.
  2. Performing a sensory and reflex exam.
  3. Testing individual arm muscles for hidden weakness.
  4. Is the neck and arm tender to the touch (a sign of tissue damage and inflammation).
  5. Finding areas of spasm.
  6. Assessing a poor diet that contributes to inflammation.
  7. Modification of daily activities that aggravate the condition.

All of the above should be performed to properly find the problem.

Finding a wrist doctor can also be frustrating for the reasons mentioned above. The same principles apply with the need for a more thorough exam to include not only the wrist, but also the neck, shoulder and entire arm. Nerves exiting the holes between each vertebra can get irritated and cause hidden weakness in specific arm muscles. Nerves can become impinged within the arm muscles as well. Careful examination can determine if you have a simple elbow joint or wrist joint slightly out of place which can easily be fixed or something else. As a Sacramento Chiropractor trained in shoulder, elbow and wrist treatment for pain, a natural simple fix can often be over-looked.

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“To my delight, after only a few treatments, my back, legs and knees no longer ached”


When my husband hurt his shoulder and it didn’t get any better after over a month, (he was in terrible pain), I suggested that he see a Chiropractor as I felt an M.D. could do little more than give him pain pills. We were delighted to find Dr. Kit Langstroth to be kind, considerate and very capable. So after a couple of treatments for my husband and his incredible improvement, we decided I should have some treatments too, as I’ve had pain in my lower back, legs and knees for over 15 years. I have a curvature of the spine and felt there wasn’t much I could do about the pain except to avoid standing for long periods. To my delight, after only a few treatments, my back, legs and knees no longer ached. I suddenly realized the headaches I’ve suffered most of my adult life were gone, a truly wonderful bonus. My husband’s shoulder is no longer painful. He has full use of it and is able to work once more. Thanks a million, Dr. Kit! We are recommending you to all.


- Elsa Evans

  Sacramento, Ca